The new immigration law in Canada: A Hope of Security to Disabled

The Canadian news of immigration law reform has given newspaper editors a new content to work on. Along with being hot, the news is soft to ears as it is for the welfare of people. The rights of people are again respected and protected as well. An upheaval of joy filled the heart of disabled children on hearing the announcement

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Factors that Attribute in Making Canada Welcoming to Foreigners

Canada is boosting immigration to the core. People across the globe with the advent of several immigration programs are applying for PR and eventually citizenship program in Canada. The process was never so easier. The applicants need guidance from a professional immigration lawyer for a successful relocation abroad. However, many cogitate over the fact- what makes Canada so welcoming to

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What Happens If You Marry a Canadian Citizen

What is the fastest way to get permanent citizenship in Canada? A lot of people will answer marriage. This is the most general misconception that people have about the terms of citizenship and marriage in Canada. The most experienced lawyers often face misconceptions that anyone can get permanent citizenship once they are married to a permanent resident of Canada. What

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How to Find Companies that Hire New Immigrants

Talent, qualification and experience. If you have these three, getting a Canadian visa is relatively easy for you. The struggle begins once you start living in the country. As a newcomer, you may find that your talents and qualifications are not getting recognized. It is especially difficult to find the right kind of employer who would offer a job to

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