How to Find Companies that Hire New Immigrants

Talent, qualification and experience.

If you have these three, getting a Canadian visa is relatively easy for you.

The struggle begins once you start living in the country. As a newcomer, you may find that your talents and qualifications are not getting recognized. It is especially difficult to find the right kind of employer who would offer a job to you. The hardest obstacle is to get enough Canadian accreditation that will help you to jump the barrier of Canadian Standards.

No one, other than a sponsorship lawyer, can understand the difficulty of the immigrant’s situation. To help the newcomers, some of the experienced lawyers have jotted down some strategies. These will help you to find companies that are interested in employing immigrants.

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Finding an Employer to Sponsor You

Are you clueless and don’t know where to start?

Start at home.

You might not be aware, but as you are reading this, some Canadian companies are actively recruiting in your own country. The best way to ensure a job in Canada is to get in touch with potential employers before leaving your native country.

To find potential Canadian employers without leaving the country, you have to:

  • Get in touch with the Canadian Embassy to check whether any job fair is being organized by Canadian Businesses.
  • Check the local business associations which might host trade shows that include Canadian businesses.
  • Contact the local universities to see whether they are hosting any job fairs that incorporate Canadian employers.

For certain professions, some countries have better leverage than others. Canadian employers target specific countries which have a large number of experienced candidates for a particular job profile.

Thus, check what the employers are looking for in your country and check whether the job description matches your experience and qualification. You can contact an experienced sponsorship lawyer to check whether you are eligible for the position or not.

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Express Entry

Canadian companies hire labour from the pool of candidates from the express entry system. Through the system, employers can also hire workers who are staying abroad.

To be eligible for jobs, you just have to fulfill either of the following two points.

  • Your job contract with the current company is about to be over.
  • You have an open work permit in your kitty that permits you to work with any employers inside Canada.

To check whether you meet the registration criteria of the express entry program, get in touch with an experienced sponsorship lawyer immediately.

Finding A Company That Hires Immigrants

The best way to decide whether the employer will hire you is to find out whether they have hired any immigrants before. If the company has hired immigrants before, chances are it will be open to hiring newcomers again. Talk to people in your network to check whether anyone knows about companies that hire immigrants.

There are some specific programs in Canada which encourage Canadian companies to hire immigrants. Many internship and mentorship programs are also available. Take part in these programs to get in touch with persons who might help you to bag a job in Canada. Examples of such programs are:

  • Career Paths for Skilled Immigrant Program: This is a comprehensive program that will give you support and help you build an action plan according to your profile.
  • Hire Immigrants: This program provides companies with better resources so that they can recruit, retain and support immigrants.


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Upgrade Your Resume

The resume format of every country is different than others. Canada has a proper resume format section for immigrants to follow. Read the section carefully before submitting your resume to employers. A resume is crucial to impress potential employers. Take the advice of an experienced sponsorship lawyer if necessary.

Learn To Network

Networking is useful for gaining insight into different companies. These small morsels of information work as the elixir that will let you lead the game. Gaining crucial contacts is another reason for you to indulge in effective networking.

Just remember, almost 50% of the positions get filled without ever being advertised publicly. So, it is networking that helps you to gain crucial information about job positions that you will not be able to find otherwise.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to spread your network. There you will find people from all spheres working shoulder to shoulder. Virtual networking sites also play an important role in your networking drives.


Learn What Professional Behavior Means in Canada

Employers love employees who are professional. It is one of the most important traits that potential employers are looking for. Always conduct yourself in the best way possible.

Finding a new life in an unknown country is not easy. It is not easy to know the rules regarding employment beforehand. Take help from a professional sponsorship lawyer to increase your chances.


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