What Happens If You Marry a Canadian Citizen

What is the fastest way to get permanent citizenship in Canada?

A lot of people will answer marriage.

This is the most general misconception that people have about the terms of citizenship and marriage in Canada. The most experienced lawyers often face misconceptions that anyone can get permanent citizenship once they are married to a permanent resident of Canada.

What Happens after You Marry a Permanent Citizen of Canada?

Even if you are married legally to a Canadian citizen, getting permanent residency is not that easy. Previously, getting the permanent citizenship was not so hard. After facing a few cases of marriage fraud, the Canadian Government has imposed harsher rules for the spousal sponsorship cases. Thus, to get the permanent residency, you need to keep all of your documents straight and you must fulfil every requirement properly. Taking help from an experienced sponsorship lawyer to fare through the process is often considered as a good option for the couples.

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Applying for Spousal Sponsorship

There are two main ways of applying for the spousal sponsorship for Canada. The procedures are depicted below.

  • Inland Spousal Sponsorship: Let’s say you were already living in Canada using work permit or study permit when you got married to your Canadian spouse. In this case, you will be able to stay in the country while the spousal sponsorship is being processed.
  • Outland Spousal Sponsorship: In this case, you were not living in the country when you got married to your Canadian spouse. Therefore, you have to wait to get your hands on the permanent resident visa. Without that visa, you cannot set foot on the Canadian soil.

It does not matter what is your way of applying to the spousal sponsorship program, it is always best to counsel an experienced sponsorship lawyer in Toronto before you proceed.

The Steps of Sponsoring

You might think that love trumps all difficulties.

In the case of Canadian spousal sponsorship, love means nothing. There are strict steps stated by the Canadian government which you need to follow line by line. Your spouse has to take the primary step to start the ordeal.

The Canadian spouse has to apply to sponsor you as their conjugal partner, common-law spouse, or spouse in Canada. After that, you will be able to apply for permanent citizenship. Once your citizenship is approved, you can stay in Canada for a prescribed period of time. During this period, you have to give proofs and fulfill every requirement that the government asks you to do.

Only providing the marriage certificate is not enough to make the government trust the truthfulness of your relationship. As a couple, you have to go through great lengths to make the government understand that you are truly married to each other. This process is difficult and needs patience on your part. The best way to get all the documentation right is to call a sponsorship lawyer even before starting the process. They will take care of all the details on your behalf of you.

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Benefits of Marrying a Canadian Citizen

The primary benefit is that you can have a permanent residency visa without worrying about the sufficient financial resource which is mandatory. In this process, your spouse assumes all your financial duties by sponsoring you in front of the Immigration and Citizenship Ministry of Canada.

Thus, the foreign applicant will not be rejected by the government due to their professional capabilities. In these cases, the government doesn’t want to find the most efficient person instead it tries to preserve your family organization.

What are The Disadvantages of Marrying a Canadian Citizen?

The headaches the total procedure will give you is enough to make the entire experience horrendous. You might never have imagined that simply proving the spousal relationship can be so difficult. The basics are to provide a marriage certificate and some proof of the marriage, such as photographs. The real deal is to demonstrate that your relationship is as real as any other married couple. The only way to satisfy the government is by maintaining the relationship over a long period of time. Providing some evidence that your relationship existed even before the marriage can make the procedure a little bit easier.

Facts that Might Be Helpful In Proving That Your Marriage Is Real

Proving the truthfulness of your relationship to the immigration officer might be tricky, but some of the following tips might help to open the eyes of the officer.

  • Trips Together As a Couple: Give the officer photos or tickets of the trips that you have taken together before or after the marriage.
  • Photos: Provide as many photos as you have snapped in different locations and on different occasions.
  • Proofs of a Life Together: Give evidence of going to a marriage ceremony or performing different social rituals together.
  • Chronology of the Relationship: A detailed story of your relationship can help the officer to judge the depth of your relationship easily.
  • Show You Know Little Details About Your Spouse: The smallest details can make the largest impact on spousal sponsorship programs. Let the officer know that you know every detail of your spouse’s life.

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Protect Yourself

Being said all that, this is the most important point for every Canadian citizen. Don’t get fooled by the opportunists who will do anything to get that ticket to Canada. Don’t get married to anybody whom you have just met. Be aware of the persons who have married or was in a relationship many times before. Don’t get involved with any person who is secretive about their background.

Just remember, once you become a sponsor of any person, you have to bear their financial burden for 3 years, even if the relationship fails. So, stop and think before committing anything to anyone.

The procedure is very lengthy and difficult to follow. Only a licensed and experienced sponsorship lawyer can help you to breeze through the procedure. Take the counsel and proceed accordingly. The lawyer can help you to gather all the documents and proofs that you need to submit to the Canadian Government. However, before committing to anyone, think and try to understand whether the relationship is real or the person is trying to dupe you.

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