To be considered the sponsor’s spouse, the sponsor and the applicant must be legally married. If the marriage did not occur in Canada, then provided that the marriage is legal in the country where it occurred, it will be accepted by the Canadian immigration authorities.

How can you qualify to be a sponsor?

To meet the requirements of being a sponsor you must meet the following requirements

Be 18 years of age
Be a citizen of Canada
Other criteria may need to be met

Helping you meet the legal criteria

The process of making the Canadian immigration authorities believe that your relationship is genuine can be tricky. We have a wealth of experience in this area and understand how to get it right. If you’re worried about the small details then get in touch with us to handle your case.

In the event where your sponsorship appeal does not go through, or you are ineligible to sponsor then it is most definitely not the end of the world and we can help you out. Reach us immediately and we will look into your case.

How to qualify the relationship

There are 3 ways in which the relationship may be qualified:

  1. Spouse: In this category the couple must be legally married. If the couple married in Canada, then a Certificate of Marriage must be provided from the relevant territory/province. However, if the marriage took place outside of Canada then the relevant documentation must be provided as proof.
  2. Common-law partners: To apply for a visa under the common-law partner category it must be proven that the couple must have lived together for a minimum of one year. This is valid for same-sex, and opposite-sex relationships. Proof can be provided via financial records, bills, real estate documents, joint accounts and so on.
  3. Conjugal partners

Understanding the process

The step by step process of receiving a visa via the spouse sponsorship program may seem complicated, but with our help as a Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer Canada, it can be a straightforward process. We will answer all of your questions to make you feel at ease. Furthermore, you can count on us to get your visa processed as quickly as possible.

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