What Does Current or Previous Undertaking Mean on My Sponsorship Application?

Whether it is a family member hoping to reunite with their loved one, an aspirant student, or a skilled worker, starting a sponsorship application program can be a powerful experience. To make sure that your application is not rejected due to a misunderstanding, it is crucial that you comprehend the sponsorship application program in its entirety from the start. A key component of these applications frequently centers on the concept of “current or previous undertaking.”

Before getting into the details, let us lay the groundwork for a basic understanding of the Canadian sponsorship application program. By enabling Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their family members for immigration, the program aims to bring families together. This procedure entails proving the sponsor’s capacity to support the sponsored people both materially and emotionally.

Now, the act of accepting responsibility for sponsoring someone’s immigration to Canada is referred to as undertaking sponsorship. It entails a promise to provide the sponsored individual with financial support and to look out for their welfare during their early years of residency in the nation. 

It is the sponsor’s responsibility to commit to taking on the duties of making sure that the person they sponsor has access to necessities for a comfortable life and that they do not take out unpayable government loans.

The undertaking is a legally binding contract made between the sponsor and the Canadian government, committing the sponsor to giving the sponsored person financial support for a predetermined period of time. This support typically includes meeting their basic needs, which include clothing, food, and shelter, in addition to other necessities.

The term “current or previous undertaking” in a sponsorship application refers to any sponsorship commitments the applicant has made or is making, past or present. It demands that the applicant reveal if they have ever sponsored someone else’s immigration to Canada or if they are doing so right now.

Sponsorship Applications — Understanding a “Current Undertaking”

“Current undertaking” refers to the application for sponsorship that you, as the sponsor and your co-signer (if applicable), are currently working on. It is imperative to acknowledge that the undertaking pertains to every individual named on the application, irrespective of their intended immigration status to Canada. The undertaking will become operative as soon as the people you are sponsoring obtain permanent residency status, provided the application is approved.

Thus, it will become the sponsor’s responsibility to take up the financial obligations as specified in the undertaking after the sponsored individuals successfully obtain permanent residency. In order to facilitate a seamless sponsorship procedure, it is imperative that the current undertaking be completed accurately and completely during the application process.

Sponsorship Applications — Understanding a “Previous Undertaking”

Complying with the terms and conditions outlined in the sponsorship agreement and meeting their financial obligations require sponsors to have a thorough understanding of the status of prior endeavours. “Previous undertakings” refers to two situations:

  • Undertakings still in effect: This describes the ongoing projects that are not yet finished but are still in the process of being carried out. Undertakings such as these entail the sponsor bearing financial responsibility for the immigrants they have supported.
  • Undertakings not yet in effect: These are approved and accepted projects that have not yet gone into action. These initiatives will go into effect once the sponsored individuals become permanent residents.

It is significant to remember that an application does not have an active undertaking attached to it if it is returned or rejected. Under such circumstances, the sponsorship application is void, as are the related obligations.

Sponsorship Applications — The Duration of an Undertaking

The length of an undertaking can be determined by the following factors:

  • For whom you sponsored or co-signed an application: Depending on who you have sponsored or co-signed, the project’s duration may vary. The duration of the project is contingent upon several elements, such as their connection to you and their distinct immigration circumstances.
  •  The time of your sponsorship: The duration of the project is also influenced by the date that you sponsored the people. For varying periods of time, different sponsorship programs or categories may require payment from you.

It is essential for each applicant to think through these issues and fully comprehend the particular terms and conditions of the undertaking regarding the people they are sponsoring. With this information, potential sponsors would be more likely to meet their financial commitments within the project’s allotted time frame.


In the world of Canadian sponsorship applications, the phrase “current or previous undertaking” carries a lot of weight. It symbolizes the sponsor’s promise to provide for their family members’ financial needs throughout their early years in Canada. Sponsors must comprehend the ramifications of this commitment in order to complete the application process successfully. Sponsors support the overall success of the sponsorship program by upholding the terms of the undertaking, which promotes family reunification and integration into Canadian society. Get help from experienced Sponsorship Immigration Lawyers in Toronto with your application. Contact Sponsorship Lawyer today!

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